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Post Adoption Training Service

Congratulations! You have made an exciting and rewarding life decision and adopted a pet. Whether you adopted your pet from a shelter or a rescue group or directly from the previous caregivers, now is the time to take advantage of a post-adoption training session. 

Post-adoption training is important for both the new caregivers and the pet. An adopted pet comes with a history of learned behaviours, some of which may not be desirable behaviours and most of which may not surface until the pet has been in your home for several weeks. A timely post-adoption training session can help you to anticipate and be better prepared to address potentially undesired behaviours. It will help to improve the communication between you and your new family member, and increase the pet’s confidence in their new home.

Support training adopted dogs and cats from animal shelters Perth Australia

Post-adoption training sessions are designed to provide behavioural support, strengthen the human-animal bond, and mitigate inappropriate expectations and knowledge deficits. These sessions represent a key factor in promoting positive adoption outcomes.


Post-adoption training sessions are 2 hours in duration and are followed up by session notes and relevant handouts plus ongoing support via phone/email. Follow-up sessions are highly recommended as training will evolve with new goals having to be set on a regular basis. 

  • The cost of a post-adoption training session is $200 when scheduled within four weeks after adoption

  • Follow-up sessions are 90 minutes in duration and cost $150

  • Training packages may be tailored to suit the level of coaching required


Canines, felines, and other companion pets of all ages are seen. For puppy group classes and in-home sessions, I can help you via my other business The Puppy Associates.

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