Help with problematic or scared dogs, cats and other pets Perth Australia

Behaviour Consultation Service

Designed to address specific problematic behaviours, generally involving some level of fear, anxiety or distress

Depending on the presenting problem behaviours and needs of the caregivers, this service includes two to three in-home sessions. The initial session is 2hrs in duration, and subsequent sessions last 1.5-2hrs.


Training Service

Designed to address undesired or
un-tolerated pet behaviours and management-related concerns including issues with children and dogs

Private training sessions are 2hrs in duration and include an individually tailored training plan that will include both management and new training exercises. Also includes ongoing support via phone/email.

Image by Margarita Kosior

Post Adoption Training Service

Recommended if you've adopted a pet from a shelter, rescue group or from previous caregivers

A timely post-adoption training session can help you to anticipate and be better prepared to address potentially undesired behaviours. It will help improve the communication between you and your new family member.