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Private Training Service

Private training sessions are designed to address undesired or un-tolerated pet behaviours and management-related concerns including issues with children and dogs. Based on the pet’s behavioural and training history, and the needs of the caregivers, I will individually tailor a training plan that will include both management and new training exercises. 

As an experienced and internationally qualified trainer, I adhere to an ethical standard of care for all animals and employ the theoretical and practical skills necessary to deliver dog training services to a professional and ethical standard. My training methods are based on the use of appetitive operant and classical conditioning strategies, which are humane, extremely effective, and promote a healthy pet-caregiver relationship.

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One of the keys to successfully training a pet is to open the doors of communication between the pet and the caregiver. There is a difference between animal and human communication, and this difference may lead to misunderstandings and unwanted responses from the pet animals under our care. All pet caregivers need to be well educated in the ways that their pets communicate, and how we can better communicate with them. Effective communication will help to address presenting behaviour issues, circumvent future issues, and improve the effectiveness of your training efforts. Interspecific communication will therefore be an integral part of all private training sessions. 

The overall goal of this service is to provide helpful training interventions that are useful in real-life contexts, to improve the caregiver’s understanding and application of appetitive-based dog training techniques, and to improve the human-to-animal bond.

I will provide the caregivers with individually designed management and training strategies that are relevant, humane, and practical, and that may be expected to improve the pet’s overall behaviour. Compliance and commitment on the part of the caregivers are essential components of any effective training plan; without ongoing management and maintenance of new training exercises, undesired behaviours may resurface. 

Private training sessions will suit you if you:

  • Need assistance with lead walking techniques or various other walking behaviours

  • Are struggling with a highly active pet 

  • Are unable to effectively handle or brush your pet

  • Have an excessively vocal or ‘mouthy’ pet

  • Have a pet who seems frustrated or bored

  • Need help with skills training or addressing manners issues in the home

  • Have a multi-pet household

  • Have children or grandchildren in the household 

  • Are expecting the arrival of a baby



Private training sessions are 2 hours in duration and are followed up by session notes and relevant handouts plus ongoing support via phone/email. Follow up sessions are highly recommended as training will evolve with new goals having to be set on a regular basis. 


  • For canines, the cost of a 2 hour private training session is $300 payable on or prior to the day of the session. Follow up sessions are 90 minutes in duration and cost $200.

  • For felines and ‘pocket’ pets, the cost of a 2 hour private training session is $250 payable on or prior to the day of the session. Follow up sessions are 90 minutes in duration and cost $150.

  • Training packages may be tailored to suit the level of coaching required

  • For many clients, a live video consultation may be a useful option.  Live video sessions are 1 hour in duration and are followed up by session notes and relevant handouts plus ongoing support via phone/email. The cost of a 1 hour live video session is $175 payable on or prior to the day of the session. A remote training session will suit you if you:

    • live in a remote area

    • have health concerns that preclude an in-person consultation

    • need assistance with the mechanics of a particular training skill

    • need help arranging an optimal and enriching environment for your cat or pocket pet

    • want to learn how to engage with your pet in compliant husbandry or handling care


Canines over 6 months of age, and feline and other companion pets of all ages are seen. If you need help with a dog younger than 6 months of age, I can still help you via my other business The Puppy Associates.

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