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Behaviour training and modification for pets and their caregivers

About Me

I am a certified companion animal trainer with 10 years of experience working with primarily dogs and cats of all ages and their caregivers. Prior to becoming a certified trainer, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering from The Colorado School of Mines and worked in the oil industry for several years before eventually moving to Perth to pursue a career working with companion animals. 


I am currently completing my research thesis for a Master of Science degree in Companion Animal Behaviour Analysis and Counselling, specialising in canine, feline, and equine behaviour. This graduate degree is based on the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), a core component of science-based methods used to effectively modify behaviour for the benefit of both animals and their caregivers.

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer; an international qualification from the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers that requires rigorous standards for knowledge and skills in science-based dog training. I have also earned a qualification as a Nationally Accredited Dog Trainer from the Challenger Institute of Technology of Western Australia and went on to lecture for the Institute in Certificate Level Dog Training Skills. In addition, I have developed and run a successful prison dog program in WA.


Throughout my experience working with shelter, pet, and assistance dogs, I have combined my graduate-level education and training qualifications to develop effective and humane training and behaviour modification programmes for my clients. I have worked with hundreds of dogs and their caregivers in group training classes as well as private, in-home consultations. 


I have developed and presented manuals, workshops, and seminars to industry groups, pet caregivers, shelter staff and volunteers, and veterinary staff on the development and modification of both canine and feline behaviour. In addition to running Companion Animal Behaviour & Training, which deals with behaviour training and modification for dogs and cats and their caregivers, I'm also partner in another successful business specialising in the socialisation and training of puppies; The Puppy Associates.


I have recently qualified as a Fear Free Certified Professional and have the knowledge and tools required to prevent and alleviate a pet's fear, anxiety, and stress during veterinary and home care. I am qualified in both Human First Aid and Pet First Aid and regularly attend professional development seminars and workshops to maintain and enhance my knowledge and skills in the fields of animal training and behaviour modification.

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Services Available

Support for problematic or scared dogs and pets Perth

Behaviour Consultation Service

Designed to address specific problematic behaviours, generally involving some level of fear, anxiety or distress

Depending on the presenting problem behaviours and needs of the caregivers, this service includes two to three in-home sessions. The initial session is 2hrs in duration, and subsequent sessions last 1.5-2hrs.


Training Service

Designed to address undesired or
un-tolerated pet behaviours and management-related concerns including issues with children and dogs 

Private training sessions are 2hrs in duration and include an individually tailored training plan that will include both management and new training exercises. Also includes ongoing support via phone/email.

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Post Adoption Training Service

Recommended if you've adopted a pet from a shelter, rescue group or from previous caregivers

A timely post-adoption training session can help you to anticipate and be better prepared to address potentially undesired behaviours. It will help improve the communication between you and your new family member.